Jericho the Great Dane

Is very kind and gentle when it comes to babies of any species. We found this out one night when a baby opossum fell into a bucket in our yard. Jericho very carefully sniffed the little baby and never wanted to harm it. He looked at me as though he just found a new friend. Then came a couple of other little rescues.

The Adventures of Jericho and Friends

The Adventures of Jericho and Friends is a book series inspired by little furry friends. In the book “When Jericho Met Daisy”, a disabled baby skunk by the name of Flower came into our presence and the way she interacted with Jericho was absolutely priceless. They had a tolerance of each other, but also a love that was only possible from being in the same place and learning to coexist. Flower aka “Daisy”, would stomp at Jericho when he ran past her too fast even though she was in her little cottage.

Jericho the Great Dane

 If he came up to her gently, she would sniff noses with him and it was adorable. Unfortunately, Flower was injured by a dog and Jericho was so lucky she seemed to trust him. I guess she just knew he wasn’t trying to hurt her. And thus the friendship began. When I saw the interaction between them, it gave me this beautiful idea of writing a series and how Jericho interacts with other animal species as well as teach lessons to children that can help them in real life situations. For instance, Flower aka “Daisy” is disabled. Her back legs would no longer work because of the injury she sustained but that doesn’t stop her from going on adventures. There are little lessons your children will learn along the way in each book.

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